20 Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin That Look Really Hot

It’s good to keep things normal, but it’s also good to change up every now and then! Some hair colors compliment dark-skinned women, and here we’ll help you find the right shade for your taste.

Unique and natural tones look great when you have a darker skin tone, so you can really make everything work in your favor.

Attractive hair color shades for dark skin

There are plenty of looks you can check out below, and we’re sure one of them will suit your style. Check out the hair color examples below for black women.

blonde tight braids

Light hair colors always look very bright with darker skin. The different tones complement each other well. Here there is a light blonde blond on top of the short braids. Then it takes on a deeper golden shade around the bottom of the sides and back.

Black to blonde ombre

Going from a shade darker to lighter can really make your look gorgeous. Here it starts with natural black. The blonde crawls into bangs and lengths without much blending.

The tufts then sit on the shoulders, helping the blonde frame the face.

funky afro green sea

There are so many shades of green, but deep sea green is one of the most beautiful you can wear. This full color really stands out, and it’s nice and dark so it doesn’t attract much attention.

Everyone will have to do double duty when they see you’re wearing this look.

Deep golden blonde retro style

A deep golden blonde shade with a hint of darker roots looks great. This tone is especially suitable for bright make-up, such as bold red lips. The gold locks are designed in a vintage style with curly ends and two large twists at the top.

Funky dark and light blue ombre

Blue looks great on its own, and it looks even better when there are two shades of it in one hairstyle. These thick box braids start out in black, then turn a darker blue, and end in a nice icy blue.

red tomato nails

One of the most shocking shades you can get is tomato red. There’s no way to miss it when walking down the street, creating such a bold look.

These tufts are intermittent and straight. They stand tall creating a very feathered look around the head.

pink long curly hair

If you like bright and vibrant tones, then this pink can be a great choice. Proper lighting can also seem like a very muted red tone. The braids fall on one side of the head, and there’s a hint of darker roots around the hairline to add some dimension.

natural light brown

Here is one of the natural hair colors that look beautiful with dark skin. It is a simple brown shade that has a slight golden undertone. The style is free-form, with plenty of natural curls that form a circular shape around the head.

reddish brown and black

If you have enjoyed this natural look, this is another look you will love. The brown in this style has a reddish hue, and there are a lot of black spiral strands here as well. This big and bold spiral hairstyle looks very lively in these two tones.

Light purple curls with dark roots

Light purple shades are totally eye-catching hair colors. However, this shade is light, but also muted. There is a gray tint, and this helps it to match the black roots.

These contrasting shades look great on dark skin. The overall style is very long and curly.

dark red afro

Tones that are too dark have a way of getting your attention because it’s hard to tell their true shade. At first glance, this looks very brown, but there is actually a burnt orange and red tinge around the edges.

Hair is kept natural and conditioned to afro.

straight silver with bangs

Silver is very fashionable, and looks very good on deep skin tones. It’s a stunning silver, almost gray in color, and looks great with the right light makeup.

The style is long, thick and very straight. Thick brush on one side of the forehead.

Bright orange twisted braids

Rope braids really make a very bold statement, because they are so eye-catching. Making it orange ensures that no one in the room can take their eyes off you.

There is some black near the top that you can see braided, but the shade of orange grabs most of the attention.

Deep green shorts afro

Dark green shades look really cute, especially when your hairstyle is as short and simple as these tight braids. Short helps keep a lot of attention on your face, and the darker tone doesn’t distract people’s eyes too much.

Soft sandy blond

Sleek, straight hairstyles stand out a lot when they are light. Therefore, this blonde sandy tone works well with this general hairdo.

The bangs are light and completely cover the forehead, and the locks are long and fall from the back. It is one of the most beautiful hair colors if you want a natural shade.

Deep Vivid Purple

The deep, dark look can add an element of mystery to your style. The large front curl of this cut helps add that mystery. The thick and loose braids paired with the sparkles in this look make something to look very glamorous.

White blonde box braids

Want a shade to go with every makeup look and feel? A white blonde can do that. These white blonde braids are extra long, and they’re free to go with every kind of fashionista. The darker roots add some depth, too.

Deep blond and black

Styles like this are in fashion, and allow you to easily have two shades on your head. The hair on top is a golden blonde shade that is feathered upwards. The sides are black with a line shaved in them very well.

Light pink curly hair

One of the most striking shades is pink. You can match your vibrant pink with your outfit and makeup, and it comes in super chic. You can also make it very feminine. The acronym is very fashionable.

Deep reddish brown with jumbo braids

Some hair colors have a knack for looking natural even when dyed. This is one. The thick, lustrous curls are brown at first glance, but their reddish flatness is evident when you look back a second time.

You can also spot hints of blonde which looks great with darker skin.

You see, there are hair colors that everyone will love, and they look great with darker skin. Stick with a cool, calm brown, go wild and brighten up the room with tomato red or bright pink. If you choose the right style to compliment your color, you can have the sexiest hair out of anyone you know.

Remember to spend a lot of time caring for your dyed hair, as brighter shades can fade over time. If you use color-safe products in your hair strands, you should have no problem. Be sure to ask our stylist which products will suit you best.

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