18 Glamorous Party Hairstyles for Long Hair (2022 Picks)

Tired of the same old hairdos? do not worry. There are so many party hairstyles for long hair that you haven’t tried yet! There are plenty of straight locks, gorgeous braids, and cool updos to try.

You’ll need help with curling irons, hair creams, and other tools for these looks. However, the hard work is worth it. You will be the center of attention once you get your hair looking its best.

Simple and soft hairstyles for long hair

If you need style ideas, hold on! There are a lot of attractive items below.

Simple straight blonde locks

They say that blondes have the most fun. Wearing this hairstyle will ensure the correctness of it. It is very easy to achieve.

The hair is straight and draped over one shoulder. A central parting makes this minimalistic. It is perfect for every outfit and for any occasion.

Fishtail braid with a low bun

Fishtail braids are among the most glamorous party hairstyles For long hair. It always looks very complicated, but it is very easy to do.

This braid runs from the middle of the hairline to the back of the head. It ends with a large coiled bun that secures your long hair very gently.

Thick tight curls

Big, bouncy curls with lots of volume are so much fun! Tight curls like this are perfect for a party. You can achieve this with a perm or a thin stick.

Once you curl the hair, flip it over your head. Most of the locks hang down on one side of the face to look very voluminous.

Curly ponytail with bangs

This is a slightly more complicated look. The sides and tops are curly, but the rest of the long hair is curly.

The sides are pulled back and secured. The back of the hair goes over it. The top of the hair has a bit of volume. Full but beautiful bangs complete the glamorous look.

Big Wavy Half

It’s a good idea to keep your long hair out of your face at a party. Here the sides are pulled back to create a half up look. This leaves the back free to slip in sleek waves. There is plenty of volume at the top to ensure you stay in the center of attention.

Twisted Top Pan

If your long hair is hard to tame, put it in a bun. This makes it easy to handle. You can make this cake look glamorous, as you can see here. If your hair is shorter, Try these short haircuts.

It sits directly on the crown of the head and wraps around itself. This allows it to form an elegant and attractive shape.

Thick brunette waves

The mahogany brown shade is incredibly eye-catching and creates a very glossy look. These intense waves help in attracting the eyes even more. They add a lot of volume and depth to the style. The side parting adds more volume to it.

Stylish and high ponytail

A high ponytail is incredibly simple, but it always looks very elegant. It is really elegant and charming when paired with a party outfit.

Draw your long hair on the crown of your head and secure it with a black hair tie. Let the straight locks fall on your back.

wet look back

Consider a wet look if you want a dark, edgy look. The look of wet hair is fashionable, which makes you look great. It is also easy to achieve. Sweep your straight hair back, and generously apply gel and shine spray.

simple side cake

Do you want your hair to look casual? This look will work for this. Gather the hair on top of the head and form a bun in the middle.

However, make sure the bun is slightly on the side to emphasize the casual look. Pull some strands to fall off the bun and around your face.

Wavy pigtails with ribbons

Sometimes you just want to look cute. Long and fluffy pigtails will help you do this. Long hair is cute and wavy as it is held in these high braids. Adding ribbons to decorate long pigtails will make them perfect for occasions like birthday parties.

Easy curly style for black women

black and mixed race women With Type 3A hair he will look great with this look. It is also excellent for women with thinner type 3B hair. These braids are very defined and shiny, but the hair is not particularly thick.

Pink and blonde space buns

Adding additional colors will create a great party hairstyle for long hair. Here some pink has been added to the blonde. The long locks are then put into twisted space buns high on the head. Long strands of buns stretch.

Stylish Updo with Twists

Hairstyles like this are very elegant. This makes it great for weddings and other formal parties. The sides of the hair are twisted at the back. The back has several sections that form round shapes that make it look intricate and unique.

Bright red locks with loose curls

Long red hair makes a statement of its own. It is very lively and eye-catching. It requires minimal styling to make it look great. Here it separates in the middle and falls straight down to the chin.

It starts to curl towards the ends, but is very loose. Some sections look more wavy than wrinkled.

brunette curly hair with braids

In the 2000s, it was fashionable to have braids wrapped around your forehead. This method brings it back into fashion.

The softness of the upper part of the hair is an excellent contrast with the rest of the brown curls. The ends of the hair are blonde to help you stand out even more.

Loose fishtail braid

Fishtail braids for long hair are always fun party hairstyles. You can rock it and look even more unique by making this braid extra loose.

The braid begins around the shoulders. This adds a lot of fun and movement to the hair. It also helps to look casual.

Crown braid for straight hair

You can look great with straight hair alone, but adding a cute crown braid gives it a more party look. There are actually two thick braids wrapped around the crown. The rest of the hair is loose and empty.

Now you know how to style your long hair the next time you attend an event. These hairstyles are so versatile for long hair and will work at family dinners, cocktail parties, office celebrations, and more!

You are sure to be in the spotlight when you walk with total confidence and gorgeous hair. You’re on the best night out.

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