18 Fresh Pixie Bob Haircuts That Are Calling You

A pixie bob is exactly what it sounds like, a great face-framing look and a classic twist on the hairstyles it’s based on. It combines the style of each, brings them together, creates a unique look.

There are so many ways to style this cut, and there are so many lengths and configurations you can get in one. So it can be hard to decide what look you want when you want a style like this.

Pixie bob hairstyles to try

With the pixie bob styles below, you are sure to find something that clicks and sticks, so why not play around with these styles until you find the one you’re looking for?

1. Blonde with dark roots

This pixie captures the classic bob look perfectly. It curls at the ends, it’s a uniform length all around, and it’s super simple.

However, it’s only ear-length, so it’s a lot shorter than your usual style. Platinum blonde gives you a simple yet elegant look.

2. Croppy style with volume

Are you a fan of the rough and choppy look? This style has that and a lot of volume on top.

There are some light layers that add to this cropped and choppy look and they also help add volume on top which can be achieved with some simple, tool-free styling.

3. Polished blonde with dark roots

Some hairstyles, like this one, look shorter than they are. It’s been feathered and fluffed to mimic the classic short style, yet has a slightly more edgy look.

The dark roots that melt into the lighter blonde color help add that strong, highly complex look that this look includes.

4. A neat and mature cut

Older women will love this ultra-chic, mature-looking pixie haircut.

The hair has a side parting towards the front, and spreads across the back of the head soon after. The hair is very tight on the head, and the front of one side is shorter than the rest.

5. Pixie Bob with Thick Bangs

It’s all about bangs here. This look has some thick bangs that fall on one side of the face, the rest of the hair is very thin and short as it is pushed back behind the ears.

The hair is jaw-length, so it’s longer than many of the hairstyles above, but still shorter than the average look.

6. Pixie Bob with Undercut

The bottom is considered classic, so seeing it pop in a pixie bob haircut is great. It provides an edgy look that no other haircut can emulate.

Shave one side of the head. The other has jaw-length hair in the front and ear-length hair in the back.

7. Layered spiky look

Want a fun, exposed, and spiky look? A small amount of hair is jaw-length, the rest is kept short and piled at the top of the head.

Some bangs clean up on the forehead, but most of the focus is on the spiky free hair on top.

8. Hairstyle with thick bangs

The focus of this look is clearly the bangs. It’s thick and perfect because it sits across the forehead with a slight bump in volume.

The rest of the hair is a very trendy afterthought, with thinner strands hanging from the jaw.

9. Asymmetric purple look

You’ll pop a ton with this pixie cut. The hair is a light purple with some different shades of purple on top, and there is some turquoise around the ends of the hair.

The bangs cover the forehead and some eyes, and the cute braid adorns one side.

10. A layered teased look

More mature women will appreciate this cute little pixie. It has a lot of movement and volume due to the small amount of excitement that makes the top and bangs a little high.

The hair reaches just below the ears at its longest point, giving it an alternate look.

11. Hairstyle in fiery colors

Here is a very unique look that you can go for. It is a deep red color with brighter orange and red streaks and yellow through it.

It has the classic short cut shape but is much longer as it reaches the chin at its longest point.

12. Pink Cotton Curls

Sometimes style can make a haircut look longer. However, that’s about ear length.

They are very thick and curvy, and have a silvery-pink color like cotton candy, which makes them very sweet and unique in appearance.

13. Thickly Curly Cut

Hard to look away from woven hair. The locks form perfect curls with very distinct patterns all over the head.

Here the style is a lot of neat curls perfectly styled and held in place. The hair is combed back and away from the face.

14. Stylish Updo

Even very short hair can be put in an updo. Here the hair is completely styled and fixed towards the back of the head.

There is a wide wave of bangs still prevalent on one side of the face, slanting above the eyebrow.

15. Vivid Pink Cut

Do you want to show your funny personality through your haircut? This bright pink look will do just that.

There are three shades of pink in it, and it’s split on the side and it’s very choppy as it falls just below the ears in some lighter layers.

16. Ginger Hair with Bangs

Ginger is always elegant. The look is parted at the crown of the head and has bangs that brush the forehead like a short haircut.

There are longer sections of hair that fall much longer on the jaw line, making it the perfect combination of a pixie and bob haircut. The way it frames the cheeks makes it great for edging a smooth, round face.

17. Light brown with dark roots

Here’s a casual look that’s great for work and also has a modern element as the dark roots grow into a lighter brown, bordered by blonde.

The hair has some volume and is parted from the side, with a very elegant look. A more mature person in their late thirties and forties might find this look very attractive if it matches their personal aesthetics.

18. Purple Adige Style

You can try this out if you are looking for a pixie bob that is a bit taller than average. One of her sides covers the face well in this vibrant purple look. There are also very brilliantly dark roots in it.

Overall, she has a very sexy vibe and looks great when paired with dark makeup. You will have a lot of fun if you make this your own unique style.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the pixie bob haircut, so it can be an overwhelming style that you desire. Hopefully you’re a little less confused now that you’ve seen all the options before you.

This is an easy-to-care-for hairstyle, so just make sure you visit your stylist regularly to get the edges. It is very easy to style it on a daily basis, although it is difficult to tangle because it is so short. This is one of the best things about the cut.

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