16 Newest Undercut Hairstyles for Women To Suit Any Taste

Are you looking to escape your everyday look and change things up with something totally sexy and cool? Then we have the solution for you! Get an upturned hairstyle, where the hair is clipped on the sides, and the hair on the nape of the neck takes center stage.

There are both long and short styles with an undercut. You can pair it with fun colors or stay completely natural. There is no shortage of ways to customize this elegant look.

Super cool hairstyles for women

Come take a look at the hairstyles below to help you find your perfect style. Shaving the sides, the back, and the naps are on trend and growing in popularity!

purple waves

Hairstyles for older women don’t have to be super sleek or straight. You can also wear it with textured hair.

These waves will make you look very lively, and the purple tint job is just a bonus that will help you show your personality and stand out.

Red and blue cut-out pattern

Mixing and matching tones like red and blue is a good idea if you like to have fun and experiment.

On the sides, the locks are shaved very short most of the time, but there is a slightly longer section around the part. The top is pulled into a small tuft.

back style white blonde

You can make such a gorgeous statement with a purely white blonde hairstyle. It always looks great with quilted back styles with thick hair on top and delicately slotted locks on the sides.

Blond and brown cropped

Here’s a totally sporty and playful look that you’ll love if that’s your beauty. Most of the locks are very dark and rough with a slight fading on the sides. At the top, you can see a beautiful blonde crop with some locks brushing the forehead.

Blonde short hair for short hair

You don’t need extra thick hair for a less voluminous style. Blonde hair suits fine hair as it does not make you stand out much.

Keeping it long and straight with a bit of ruffles to cover your face helps it appear thicker. It also helps to keep the sides shaved flat.

undermining bob

Pairing this look with another more popular hairstyle is a great idea if you like to mix things up. This is a bob with a shaved side. The side fade is also from front to back, with the hair from the ear thickening.

Bright red bun with undercut nape

Here’s a little twist on the cut that you might be familiar with. Instead of the sides, the nape of the neck is shaved here in a V shape. It’s a lighter shade of the bright red locks on top, which are pulled in a bun.

You can hide this style of shortening very easily by leaving your hair down if you need to. Craftsmanship like this is always excellent.

Short textured bristles

Do you prefer to have the minimum length of your hair strands? This works perfectly for you, then. The locks are located only on top of the head, with the sides and back moving down. It’s very choppy and textured on top, and can be easily styled with your fingers.

Undercut partial and thick long

Layered hairstyles can be made more unique than usual. This one has long locks that are pulled over one shoulder, but the bottom is not completely shaved.

The lower layer of hair remains, but the upper layers are cut off, leaving behind a sharp streak of extremely short locks. This rough texture is very striking.

Undercut the nape with the upper knot

Now we see another example of the nape of the neck, but this example is a little unique. There is an X circled in thin lines, which helps you show a unique side to you. The long straight locks are then pulled back to create a very cute and trendy top knot.

decorated braids

You can make your bottom look look totally cool and punk by pairing it with long, skinny dreadlocks. The dreadlocks are embellished with gold beads to help accentuate your sharp side.

The shaved side shows well, as both sides of the hair are pulled and pinned.

black and blue long hair

It’s easy to make it stand out by shaving off one side of your hair, but this helps the most. The side cut side is also dyed a bright blue that contrasts dramatically with the rest of these long, jet black locks.

she’s amazing! And you can easily hide it if you want to look more traditional for a formal occasion. Simply give yourself a middle part to hide it.

Undercut the nape with style

This is one of the most unique tones found in the scruff. The shaving part has a mandala design shaved into it. You can’t see it unless you tie up those long curly locks. You can also see shades of pink and turquoise when lifting curls.

This style truly has a hidden gem, and is something only the bravest of the brave would wear. It requires a lot of maintenance, so be attentive. You will also need a very good hairdresser who is up to the task.

Long straight brown locks

You can have a relatively natural hairstyle and still have a shaved side. This long straight brown hair is pulled to one side and falls to the sides and back.

The shaved side was framed with a bit of hair on either side of the ear. This makes it easy to miss the undercut at first, but when you look a little closer, it’s obvious and tempting. It’s an impressive development overall.

Serrated burgundy punk pieces

This one is for the sharpest of people. You have short blonde sides and there’s a burgundy on top that has sky-high spikes. There is a lot of texture on the sides of these pins as well.

Below the back, the locks are draped and ruffled but are shorter than the one at the top. Overall, there is a lot of texture in the hair, and you’ll look like a full-blown punk rocker from decades past if you wear it. However, it is still fashionable in modern times.

Shiny hair with defined parting

Finally, we end up with something very natural looking. There is a difficult parting, but other than that, this is very simple. It is very short and all locks are designed on the back and pulled to one side.

You will notice some nice highlights in the foreground here, this helps draw people’s eyes to your face. A slight fade on the sides also helps with this.

There are obviously a lot of short haircuts to play with, and there’s something for everyone in this plethora of style suggestions.

This will take a lot of maintenance, but it is very much worth it if you want to maintain a modern and modern look. Your perfect haircut will definitely help you discover the truth about you!

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