16 Cutest Headband Hairstyls To Look Fresh And Modern

Hair accessories can make every hairstyle look more fun, elegant or different. Headbands are one accessory in particular that can do a lot of your look.

All hair types can benefit from wearing one of these headbands, and they are great for short and long hair alike.

So, if you want to explore your look a bit, read on. You can use headbands to create cute hairstyles and enjoy your look.

Super cute headband hairstyles

There are a lot of different styles below for you to check out. Come see which one you like!

Donut bun with a simple hair band

Sometimes you just want an easy everyday look. Cakes create it so easily. This donut sits just below the crown of the head and is quite voluminous. The hair pulled out is smooth. A simple chunky beige hairband adds sweetness to the style.

Fishtail braid with fabric attachment

Fishtail braids are one of the most intricate and interesting braiding styles. This starts at the crown of the head and falls over one shoulder. Some cute wavy bangs just sit on the face. There is also a bump at the hairline.

Pretty pink fabric headband separates the bodice from the strand. Also looks great with red nails and lips.

Double hair band with blonde curls

Simple blonde curls are another easy everyday style. The curls are extra voluminous and give the hair a lot of movement. The look of the double headband pushes the hair back out of the face until it falls to the back.

Afro-blonde for black women

Here the natural afro hair is very thick and dyed a nice shade of sandy blonde. An extra large hair band wraps around the hairline to keep hair away from the face. This intricate headband hairstyle is most commonly worn by black women.

wavy pink bob

Pink and white look sweet and trendy together. The wavy bob is an easy style that always looks great. The pink color makes it stand out. Accessories in white help you maintain an overall soft aesthetic.

Sweet blonde hairstyle

Blond and pink are another color combination that goes well with each other. Here you can see the tufts split down the middle and pushed behind the ears. Pink ribbon helps secure them there. Then those beautiful blonde locks fall to the top of the chest.

Ombre bob with silk headband

There is just something about silk that makes you look so elegant. Here it is tied from above with a small bow. Helps push in mostly straight natural locks. It also creates a distinction between darker and lighter shades in ombre.

Balayage Ombre Style

Bows are so sweet and adorable to make everyday styles look even more fun. The hairstyle here looks easy and natural. The hair is brown, and blond has been added to create ombre hair. It is a modern, classic and popular style.

Multicolor asymmetric hair styling

Are you looking for something punk or edgy? Long pink and purple bangs dropping on one side of the face pair well with this short and spiky turquoise look.

You can also see hints of naturally dark hair on the sides and at the hairline. A beautiful red bow separates the bangs from the rest of the style.

Auburn Pop with Full Bangs

Differentiating between bangs and the rest of the hair can be tricky when your locks are so thick.

This bright purple headband located in the middle of the head helps make that distinction. It also ensures that none of your hair gets in the way while you go about your daily chores.

Short choppy hair with a bow

Here we see another amazing combination of blonde and pink bow. It’s a much sweeter bow this time with a simple band. The hair has a lot of layers that hide the headband, but the bow is still visible.

boho natural hairstyle

You really can’t beat long, wavy hair with just a few shades of blonde. It creates a very elegant boho style that is very popular.

A golden ribbon rests around the crown of the head. It is decorated with flowers and leaves. You will look really hip and comfortable with this cut.

High bun with a piece of cloth hair

Elegant buns with bows make perfect everyday styles. They keep your long locks out of your face. Adding a fabric headband around your head helps make the style even sweeter. The bow adds a little flair to it.

Short wavy bob with spiky bow

The waves add a lot of fun texture to the hair. The spiky bow helps keep this texture looking vibrant and inviting. The hairstyle itself is a very beautiful and simple shade of brunette. The ends of the waves move away from the face.

Low Updo With Flowers

Low updo creates a very relaxed style. It is a bun with curls surrounding it. Some loose strands of waves frame the face.

Here the headband wraps under the bun. It is decorated with large pink and gold flowers with beautiful leaves. It’s great for spring and summer vibes.

long wavy ponytail

Are you looking for a way to make your simple wavy ponytail look more elegant? This hair band of cute fabric around the head can do just that. It keeps the wispy bangs separate from the long locks on the ponytail.

We highly recommend all of these styles. There are so many of them one is bound to jump in and make you fall in love. There are girly, punk, and simple ways to wear a headband with your everyday look.

Some of them are even suitable for weddings and other parties. If you ever need to make the hairstyle more fun, just grab your favorite hair accessory.

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