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15 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself (Especially When Feeling Down)

In life, it is very important to be kind to yourself, to remain true to your soul, to cherish your soul, and to never doubt yourself. With the kindness you show to others, you deserve the same for yourself as well.

You may be having a tough day or a tough week. It may seem like a hard climb out of this emotional and mental predicament and being kind to yourself, but fortunately, there are many tools available to us to reset our attitude.

When we show ourselves kindness, we begin to create new habits patterns and neural pathways in the brain [1]. These new “mindsets” take us from seeing everything as negative and bleak to joyful, positive and full of opportunity.

We understand kindness from the perspective of how we treat our family and friends. What if we took the same approach to how we treat ourselves? How can our health improve if we listen to our body’s signals and respond with care and compassion? These are deep questions to ask.

While having a bad day and feeling frustrated is another part of life, we can start applying tools into our routine that develop even more self-compassion muscles.

Here are 15 ways you can be kind to yourself

Ways to be kind to yourself

1. Forgive yourself often.

This may be the best and most difficult tool you can implement in your life, but it is very effective! We are very hard on ourselves, and we are often our own worst critics. We can easily forgive our friends and family, but we have a hard time taking that forgiveness inside.

Today, practice self-forgiveness. When you indulge in self-blame, pause and think about how you would react to the same situation with a friend. Oftentimes, we need the same kind of forgiveness.

At the end of the day, we do our best. When we know better, we can do better. In the meantime, forgiveness is key.

be kind to yourself

2. Write yourself a love letter.

This is a simple yet precious way to write your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. If you really want to add a touch of extra love and be kind to yourself, choose your most luxurious stationery [2]! If you are having a hard time writing, imagine that you are writing to your younger self. what do you want to say? Oftentimes, they are words of encouragement.

We have so much compassion for ourselves in hindsight that we have experienced and blessed the afterlife. Writing love letters gives us a perspective on which to find gratitude! If you wish, you can also mail it to yourself, or save and open it in a few months or even years.

3. Take care of your physical health.

This may feel like going out for a walk every day in your favorite neighborhood or park; It might also seem like taking a yoga class on Saturday morning or joining a favorite gym or fitness club.

When we’re feeling down, our physical body clings to all that pent-up energy and emotion. We need to clear that energy in order to maintain physical health, as well as emotional and mental health[3].

Whatever you choose is up to you! Just make sure it looks good and that you have fun while you’re at it.

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