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15 Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman

It’s hard to understand how a man feels when he hurts a woman. If you feel this way and want answers, look no further than this article.

Men are not known effective communication Of their emotions, especially when they hurt their women. It’s not that they don’t care. They have a hard time conveying their deepest feelings.

Some women are so perplexed that they ask, “Do men hurt the ones they love?” or “Does he care that it hurts me?” Others are so frustrated that they ask, “If he loves me, why would he hurt me?” or “He keeps hurting me emotionally; why is that?”

If you are in this situation and want to know how a man feels when he hurts a woman or what happens when a man hurts a good woman, read this article to the end.

What does it mean when a man hurts a woman?

What does it mean for a man to hurt a woman, or what does it mean for a man to hurt a woman he loves?

The answer means a lot. First of all, many feelings persist when a man hurts you. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and resentment are some of what a man feels when his woman breaks.

The specific feeling a man has will depend on what caused the argument or fight in the first place. For example, he might say something that upsets you or accuse you of doing something you didn’t.

Similarly, a man can act in a way that you hate or repeat a behavior that you warned him against. It might even make you defensive. When these things happen, know that they may or may not be intentional.

He won’t be frank about his feelings, but he does have a lot on his mind. When a guy hurts you, he says or does things that bother you. If he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, you need to know how to make a guy feel guilty for offending you.

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Do men feel bad for hurting you?

Do men regret hurting a good girl? Do men feel bad when they hurt you? Does he care that it hurts me? Of course, they do.

No one likes to be in conflict with the ones they love. Understand that a man feels guilty when he hurt you. You may feel that he is ruthless, but there will be signs that he knows he hurt you or signs that he is sorry to hurt you.

Some signs that he’s sorry to hurt you include calling you at odd times of the day or sending you gifts at work. Also, he may support you with some chores around the house.

Other signs he knows he has hurt you are:

1. He checks you a lot

Does he care that it hurts me? Yes it does.

Even though you are not in a good relationship, the guy will constantly check you out to see how you act. He will be worried about you and want to see how you are.

2. He will find ways to reach you

It continues to hurt me emotionally. Does he care that it hurts me? Yes, that is why he will find all possible means to talk to you or reach you.

When a man hurts a woman he loves and feels guilty, he will look for ways to talk to her. It does not matter whether you have blocked it on all social media platforms or traveled to another country.

3. It will be quieter

Check his face to see how a man feels when he hurts a woman and feels guilty. When a man hurts a woman he loves, he will be exceptionally silent among his friends and act kindly.

4. Appears

One of the signs that he is sorry for hurting you is constantly appearing on your doorstep. He knows you’re angry but you won’t trade seeing your face for anything else.

5. It will change

One of the most important signs he knows he’s hurting you is behavior change. If the reason for the quarrel is his reluctance to change his behavior, he will do so with pleasure, knowing that it hurts you.

What happens when you hurt a strong woman?

β€œHe keeps hurting me emotionally. Do guys regret hurting a good girl?” Yes.

When a man hurts a good woman or a strong lady, sooner or later he will feel remorse. You may not see her at first, but he will constantly show signs that he’s sorry to hurt you.

Strong women usually have a strong grip on their men. They have exceptional qualities that make them seem indispensable. They freely express their feelings, support their man in every way.

Strong women are confident, positive, supportive, caring and genuinely loving. She contributes greatly to her husband’s life and makes him feel alive every time. Losing or hurting such a woman is sure to make a man regret his actions.

Therefore, when a man hurts a good woman or a strong woman, he loses a part of himself. He feels guilty and tries to retrace his steps.

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What do you do when a man hurt your feelings?

“I want to know how to make him understand how much it hurts me.” “He keeps hurting me emotionally. What can I do?” Does he care that he’s hurting me?

These are questions that many women face in their relationships. Learn what to do when a guy hurts you in the following strategies:

1. You feel pain

When a guy hurts you, don’t pretend he doesn’t hurt you. Let yourself feel the pain. Scream if you can, or yell. Then identify the cause of the severe pain and your role in the event.

2. Make him realize he’s hurting you

In the beginning, you need to know how to make a guy feel guilty because he offended you. If a man does not realize that he is hurting you, then it will be difficult to change him.

3. Let it go

You can’t predict how he’ll react after you tell him he hurt you. However, it pays to let go of it for your peace of mind. This includes forgiving him for everything he’s done. Forgiveness is important for your recoveryso trust the process.

4. Love again

Now that you’ve let go of any anger inside of you, it’s time to open yourself up to love again. Depending on the outcome, after telling your partner that you hurt them, you may open up to him or someone else.

It is essential to have confidence in yourself and never back down. Love is beautiful and no one should be prevented from experiencing it.

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Learn how to overcome the fear of love in this video:

15 things a man feels when he hurts a woman

Of all things, it is important to recognize how a man feels when he hurts you or makes you cry.

1. Take responsibility

When a man hurts a good woman, he admits his mistake and takes full responsibility. He won’t be defensive or talk about a way out but accept any blame.

2. Feel sorry

Another way a man feels when he hurts a woman is by apologizing. He will feel the real sadness of his actions and make it clear.

For example, he may change after your complaint or start helping you around the house. In the end, he will ask you to forgive you.

3. He feels pain

Do men feel bad when they hurt you? yes. Actually you are very painful, but a man feels pain as much as you do. Remember that your love interest is human and can process things clearly even if he doesn’t say much.

He understands how much damage he can do to you, and will emotionally restrain himself by walking away. However, know that it treats the pain of hurting you.

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4. Feel guilty

Aside from the pain, a man feels guilty when he hurts the woman he loves. It’s not like a woman’s guilt, but a man shows signs of his regret for hurting you by crawling into his shell.

As a result, he will isolate himself, remain alone, or shut up. He may not say it, but his face will constantly say, “I’m sorry for what I did.”

5. feel angry

How does a man feel when he is in pain? You don’t see him, but it bothers him to put you in such a situation. Even if he doesn’t feel angry because he hurt you, he feels uncomfortable with his anger.

In the heat of controversyEveryone gets hurt, no matter who is right or wrong. The man will be angry at himself for not being able to protect you.

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6. Ashamed

Shame is one of the things men try to hide during an argument with the woman they love. As a result, he may remain silent or distant for a while.

Realizing that he hurts the woman who puts him high is hard to fathom. So he will hide from you or keep quiet.

7. He shows his hero’s instinct

A guy may hide his emotions but he will still show signs that he’s sorry to hurt you. One way he does this is by unleashing his hero’s instinct.

The hero instinct It is a term coined by James Power in his book his secret obsession. It means men’s innate ability to protect, care for, and look out for their loved ones. Since he is hurting you, he will take this opportunity to do some things for you.

For example, he will buy you more gifts or increase his ways of taking care of you. No matter what he does, you will realize that he cares more than before when a man hurts a good woman.

8- Feeling confused

The no-talk rule is usually followed after an argument between partners. This means that you will never know what is happening to your partner and how they are feeling. Unfortunately, men don’t like feeling that way.

But if he loves me why does he hurt me? This is because he cannot control it. Sometimes, we hurt each other every day without even realizing it. Therefore, the guy will say that he did not know what he was doing when he hurt you.

9. He feels right

Do men regret hurting a good girl? Unfortunately, not all of the time. When a man hurts a woman he loves, he may feel right to do so. He’s really broken, but he feels like he didn’t do anything wrong.

10. He tries to justify his actions

Why do men intentionally hurt you? Well, they want to justify their actions.

Just as they feel they are right, a guy may make some excuses for causing you pain the way he did. He seems to hurt you more, but he feels that if you knew the reasons for his actions, you would understand.

So he might say, β€œI didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just trying to make you understand.”

11. He’s afraid

Do men feel bad when they hurt you? They feel not only flaws but fear. Remember that men consider themselves the protectors of their loved ones. Once there is a fight, that leaves them aimless.

It is usual for a woman to deny a man of alpha responsibilities while processing her feelings. As a result, men will no longer see the need to display their hero’s instinct – a natural duty for them to perform.

12. Feels like a loser

Of course, men are responsible. They fail to harm the woman they love, which weakens them.

Hurting you will make him want to apologize or rethink his behavior. This makes him feel like a failure, given that he has been conditioned to act aggressively since childhood.

13. Doesn’t feel the need to apologize

Strange as it may sound, a man may not feel the need to feel sorry after hurting a woman. yes! This is how heavy he feels about his workload. How? basic.

When a man admits his mistake, he accepts that he needs support, acceptance and forgiveness. This makes him appear weak, and no one likes to appear weak, even in their slightest moments. So he will turn away or shut up when he hurts you.

14. Feeling resentful

When a man hurts a woman he loves, he feels self-loathing for making her feel that way. Men like to be responsible and accountable. However, since the woman feels hurt, they feel that they did not handle the situation well.

15. He wants to make things better fast

If you want to know how a man feels when he hurts a woman, watch closely what he does next. Such a man will take steps to adjust his ways as quickly as possible.

He may not ask for forgiveness or express his feelings. However, he wants things to go back to how they were before the fight. This means that he cares about you and wants to avoid hurting you again.


When a man hurts a woman he loves, he feels emotions like anger, guilt, frustration, self-loathing, fear, etc. Although he may not express his feelings confidently, the man will show signs that he is sorry to hurt you or signs that he knows he hurt you.

Whatever happens, knowing how a man feels when he hurts a woman can help you make informed decisions that will help your relationship. Most importantly, you can ask for help from a relationship expert To help you.

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