15 Ombre Straight Hair Ideas to Look Chic in 2022

You can easily show off your ombre style with straight hair. It makes it easy to show the transition between the two tones you’re rocking. It’s also very easy to style your locks every day when there are no curls or waves to deal with.

A reliable flat iron and an excellent hairdresser will ensure that you can wear this style while looking your best. It is the perfect everyday hairstyle for someone who is looking for something new.

Sleek straight ombre hair ideas

If you need inspiration for your new hairdo, check out our delightful ombre ideas for sleek hair below.

Medium hairstyle with a center parting

Keeping your hair very short makes it nice and manageable with minimal effort. This falls well medium length with blunt ends. It lies above the shoulders. Dark brown transitions to a high blonde on the head.

Two-tone pink ombre

If you love unique hair colors and love feminine shades, then pink is great for you. Here we see a nice transition from a darker pink to a lighter color. The hairdo is in the form of a long bob that curls under the chin. The subtle bangs add some dimension.

Brown ombre with side parting

You can create a very warm look with a straight ombre hairstyle like this one. It blends a very rich tone of dark brown with a light brown shade. The light shade has a golden tint that looks dark blond in the right lighting.

The style has a side parting, which is a very simple way to keep your hair from covering one side of your face.

From blonde to blue hair

Combining natural and unique colors is a great way to add a little flair to your look. This light blue tone works perfectly with a natural blond. It creates an unexpected style. The hair falls on one shoulder and has a side parting.

Aqua blue ombre bob with bangs

Brown is another natural hair color that also looks great as a unique color. This brown to pale aqua blue to light brown color has very little visible brown. The straight hair is shoulder length and has some full and soft bangs which create a cute overall look.

Purple to Pink Short Bob

Purple and pink are two tones that always go well. The transition between the two shades is seamless in this short bob. Bob bends to the bottom of the chin. There are two shorter sections of hair that help frame the face.

Long dark brown and red locks

Dark tones with red are a classic combination. They pair perfectly together in this color.

The hair is very long and naturally straight with a side parting. There are some chin-length bangs on one side. It blends perfectly with the overall thick hairdo.

Long blonde and turquoise hair

Turquoise tones always look great with blonde. There’s a nice gradual transition between the colors here. The transition occurs near the chin.

Then the hair becomes very long and falls almost to the bottom of the ribs. Most of them are thin, but the bangs are thick. The bangs are a bit messy and cover the entire forehead.

Long straight hair with full bangs

The straight ombre hair colors that are worn with extra long and sleek locks are totally classic. This is a very trendy style with dark brown hair turning blonde. Some full bangs on the forehead. There is a small gap in it for stylistic purposes.

Stylish braided look

You don’t have to wear your straight hair to show off your ombre locks. This one has hair in an intricate braid falling from the back.

This shade starts out as medium and turns lighter. It is a wonderful wedding hairstyle. It would also look great at a formal event.

Black and Orange Blunt Bob

Instagram / candy

The edgy bob with the middle parting looks totally edgy but also chic. The combination of black and orange together is a great statement. It adds a very fun touch to your haircut. It’s also great if you like warm tones.

Yellow ombre with zigzag strands

Instagram / Post_publish

Here we see something a little unique. Cool and steely tones have been a hair trend for a few years now. Unique colors are always fun. Ombre is a vibrant yellow shade. A small section of hair is pulled into a small loop.

Brown and green bob with full bang

Instagram / ligalize_craic

This color is a bit unique as there are shades of green in it. The bob is very short and doesn’t quite reach the chin. It has very choppy ends that match the choppy style of bangs well.

The bangs bend from the forehead to add some nice volume.

long blond ponytail

Instagram / nikkyngo

Ariana Grande posted her ombre hair in a straight ponytail. This is an excellent example of someone wearing it.

Dark hair gathers on the crown of the head. Then the lighter tone goes off the shoulder into a gorgeous ponytail.

Pink and black edgy style

Instagram / pigment

Are you looking for something totally edgy? Black and a unique color like Pinkare are great for creating an edgy atmosphere.

This is a graduated haircut that begins with a short bang. Gradually it becomes longer at the sides and becomes the longest at the back of the head. There is a small section of hair tied up in a thin ponytail and clipped.

Straight ombre hair looks very sweet, but in certain styles, it looks delightfully edgy. You can create these looks using natural shades like brown and blonde, and unique shades like blue, pink, orange, and more.

There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from. You can try different genres in your spare time. There’s always extra room in your style repertoire for a simple, straight hairstyle.

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