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13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It

Do you think your life is a big mess? Your problems never end? Friends are staying away from you? Are you always mentally exhausted and don’t know what to do? It’s time to realize that you have very negative energy.

Lots of people have negative energy, but they hardly even realize it. Keep blaming others for their problems and fears, which in turn increases negative energy in your life.

13 signs that you have negative energy and how to get rid of it

This post discusses the reasons why you have negative energy and simple ways to reverse it.

13 signs that you have negative energy and how to get rid of it

13 signs that you have negative energy and how to get rid of it

1. Your only motto is to prove yourself right

Do you always want to get it right whether it’s a debate about – legalizing smoking bans in public places or something casual like – social media is good or bad or something really silly – fresh pasta is better than dried? Do you always want to win all the time?

If the answer is yes, then you have a fragile ego or some kind of insecurity or fear that society will look at you the wrong way. In short, you do not come from a place of strength! Not accepting and acknowledging differences in opinions makes you a closed-minded person, which feeds negative energy, anger, and anxiety.

Tips to stop trying to win all the time

  • Determine where your need for truth comes from – trauma, pent-up memories, abuse, etc.
  • Confess when you’re wrong to get rid of negative energy
  • Explore other people’s opinions and intentionally follow their lead.
  • Work on social skills
  • Strengthening Solar plexus chakra (which controls our feelings about the world around us) through yoga, exercises, and letting go of bad memories.

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2. You are unable to finish the blame game

Do you constantly blame others? Whether it’s losing your job, breaking up with your lover, or your faulty smartphone?

Blaming others does not solve your problem, but it increases negative energy to the point that your mind is programmed to always find faults in others. You live in denial that you are on the right track, fail to correct your mistakes, and are stuck in life.

Tips to stop blaming others

  • Increase your self-awareness, know your weaknesses and you will stop blaming others.
  • Forgive yourself and others to remove negative energy from your mind.
  • Show deep gratitude for all the good things in your life.
  • Open your heart chakra (the center of empathy, empathy, love, and forgiveness of the individual) by repeating positive affirmations such as – “I feel grateful for all that you have been through.” This practice will help you find true healing.
13 signs that you have negative energy and how to get rid of it

3. You have next-level mood swings

Rapid mood changes include watching your favorite comedy and laughing out loud to get frustrated and anxious the next moment. When your emotions get out of hand, you tend to build up and amplify negative energy. You will have problems with everything and everyone around you. And people will look at you as a weak-spirited person.

How do you fix your mood swings?

  • Do physical activities such as walking, yoga and aerobics.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep cycle and diet.
  • Do calming activities such as meditation.
  • Express your feelings in a creative way like mandalas, abstract art or something else.
  • Express your feelings to loved ones or close friends.
  • Relive a sad memory and gently tap the middle of your chest and say to yourself, “It’s all right.” This will restore and boost positive energy, and help you deal with reactions to negative experiences.

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