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13 Characteristics Of A Mentally Healthy Person

Are you in good health? Do you have the traits of a mentally healthy person?
Read on to learn about the different factors that affect mental health and how mentally healthy people live their lives.

Mental health and substance use disorders affect 13% of the world’s population. It is estimated that mental disorders account for 14.3% of deaths worldwide, or approximately 8 million deaths each year. But talking about mental health is still taboo in a number of countries.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

In Mind Journal we have compiled a list of characteristics of a mentally healthy person:

If you lack one or more of the characteristics listed below, don’t feel weak. You can always work on it and become a mentally sound person. The key is practicing mental health every day. Take one step each day and you will see a massive improvement in your mental and emotional health and well-being. Let’s get started.

13 traits of a mentally healthy person

1. They accept who they are

A mentally healthy person accepts himself completely. Such people are very comfortable with their own skin, they know who they are and what. Therefore, they always feel satisfied and happy in their life. You will never find them pleasing people or asking for approval. These are the basic characteristics of a healthy mind.

13 traits of a mentally healthy person

Lack of self-acceptance is common in people who are prone to stress, anxiety, and various types of mental illness. They have issues with their own appearance, dressing style, academic records, position, salary, etc. Thus, they are in an anxious state 24/7 thinking what people will think of them. They worry while talking to people and often seek validation.

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2. They can control how they respond to emotions

Life is full of ups and downs and you can’t control everything. There is no point in holding grudges, behaving violently, Or snuggle up in a blanket out of fear and anxiety. A mentally healthy person understands this fact well.

Therefore, they hardly waste time trying to control things that are not under their control. Instead, they work out how to respond to their feelings and take positive action when feeling some negative emotions like aggression and jealousy. It is these characteristics of a mentally healthy person that help him recover faster and rise even after reaching the bottom of life.

13 traits of a mentally healthy person

People without a sound mind have the illusion of the “ideal life”. There is nothing like that in this world. Therefore, these people are overwhelmed with negative emotions when disappointment strikes. They fail to learn, quit and move on like those of sound mind.

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3. Have satisfactory and harmonious relationships

Robert Waldinger conducted one of the longest-running studies ever to find what makes a person happy and healthy. The huge data that he produced in 80 years showed a surprising discovery. “Good relationships make us happier and healthier” – Said Waldinger.

Nurturing and maintaining satisfying interpersonal relationships is a strong characteristic of a mentally healthy person. Please note that the quality of relationships is more important than the number of friends and relatives you have. Strong social bonds and deep bonds with loved ones make you physically healthier, live longer, and be happier according to Waldinger.

People who were mentally unhealthy were found to have high conflict marriages, unhappy relationships, and no one to count on in times of adversity. Physical pain compounded with emotional pain and showed early cognitive decline. healthy, warm, Close relationships have the potential to “protect us from some of the slingshots and arrows of age,” Waldinger said.

13 traits of a mentally healthy person

4. They are comfortable with others

This is one of the wonderful characteristics of a mentally healthy person. He who feels comfortable with himself (see point 1) can also be comfortable with others. People who always try to be their true selves, don’t keep impressing others. Thus, they are fully present whether they say hi to their new neighbors or when talking to a group of people. This quality helps them build social networks and use most of them for personal growth.

13 traits of a mentally healthy person

People who hate themselves or hate their own life struggle to make new friends/colleagues. They are neither socially adjustable nor emotionally mature. They are never optimistic, they are reluctant to seek help in times of emergency, which delays them in reaching their goals.

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