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12 Steps To Boost Your Self-Confidence As An Introvert

There are many factors that contribute to success and happiness. Some will say luck, hard work, relationships, talent, and more. However, I stress that the single biggest ingredient is confidence!

As an introvert, I used to think confidence was elusive and reserved for extroverts. However, as we learn about our own introverted And embracing our true selves, we have the same claim to a healthy dose of self-confidence.

For most of us, low self-esteem began early in life, often closely linked to our misunderstanding of introversion as a curse, along with a lack of family and school support for our personal journey.

As adults, we are finally beginning to explore our own introversion. We’ve come to realize that no one “overcomes” or “gets rid of” introversion and that it can actually be a blessing. Our journey began with the discovery that we can be proud, strong, and confident. We can have our dreams.

This development may require a lot of effort and patience.

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12 steps to boost your confidence

…and hurry to your own place of happiness, comfort and success.

1. Discover your passion.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents pushed you into gymnastics, scouting, basketball, basketball, dancing, music, etc.? They were trying to help you find something you really like because they knew that when we have a real passion for something, we do it more actively, become good at it, be proud of it, and trust it! As adults, we should continue to enjoy our passions and also search for more hobbies that we like.

2. Gently stretch.

When you find new adventures, this can be both exciting and intimidating, whether it’s presentations at work, new hobbies at home, or new adventures in the outdoors.

Instead of setting ourselves up for failure by immediately jumping to the deep end, break it down into small steps. Gradual stretching can lead to great achievements. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination. It doesn’t matter how far you go. Take pride in the fact that you are trying something new and scary. Be as kind to yourself as you are stretch.


3. Learn about yourself.

Instead of liking others, learn about your strengths. Many introverts are kind, curious, imaginative, team players, flexible, and great planners. These are the traits that make great friends, partners, and business leaders. Be proud of your strengths. Practice it and share it with the world!

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4. Manage your energy.

Introverts tend to gain energy by using our strengths and enjoying our hobbies. Our energy drains in uncomfortable social situations, debates, or if we are put on the spot. As our energy drains, so does our confidence.

So be aware of what drains you and energizes you. Watch your energy Level during the day and take breaks to avoid energy breakdown.

5. Focus on now.

Introverts can dwell on the past, rummage about our shortcomings, or fear stressful situations looming in the future. Limit these sources of energy drain and maintain your properties blocker in the present. This will help you focus on using your strengths, manage your energy, and get your job done.

6. Keep a to-do list.

Even a simple list will help jam your mind by getting ideas or deadlines out of your head on paper. Thus you can focus more on the moment. You can also review your to-do list throughout the day and eventually enjoy your accomplishments instead of focusing on tomorrow’s tasks.

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