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11 Weird Things Anxiety Makes You Do

Are you someone who suffers from anxiety? Then you should be able to relate and learn about all the weird things that anxiety makes you do.

Experiencing anxiety is like feeling like a ball of stress. You are always waiting for things to go wrong; Not because you like chaos and negativity, but because that’s how your mind works.

Even when things seem okay, your anxiety will tell you otherwise, and will always have you looking for the scariest stuff, even when there isn’t anything there. stressful? annoying? Yes, these are just two words to describe how anxious a person feels most of the time.

There are a lot of weird things that people do because of anxiety, feel differently, and act differently, so let’s take a look at some of the things you associate with anyone with anxiety.

Here are 11 weird things that anxiety makes you do

Weird Things Social Anxiety Makes You Do

1. You always imagine the worst in every scenario.

Even before embarking on a journey, fear creeps into your mind of a terrible accident. Without any reason you imagine everything going wrong with the vacation you are about to take. When you get sick, you imagine that you have a terrible disease.

There can be a myriad of things you fear that may seem ridiculous to others. But in your mind you are convinced. These concerns are real to you.

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2. You overthink the smallest things.

A simple comment or note can make you think twice about it over and over again. You might be haunted by the conversation with your boss or the way he looks at you when there’s nothing really serious. You may be obsessed with the fact that your boyfriend didn’t return your last few calls, and worried that you were somehow annoyed.

What do people with anxiety do?

People without anxiety can’t even imagine why you bother with these little things.

3. You have trouble sleeping even when you sleep deprivation.

Your brain is very tired and overactive. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t sleep just because you had so many things to think about in the course of the day. Your mind cannot relax and shut down.

So, your sleep is short and you wake up very early with a mind full of fears. You may not be able to fall asleep again during the day as you cannot get rid of anxiety once you wake up.

4. Refuse invitations even if you want to go out.

Anxiety can drain people’s energies to such an extent that they cannot gather enough strength to get out in the community and enjoy it. Even if you get super excited before all the excitement wears off and you simply give up on going to the party.

5. You always feel afraid of saying something stupid and wrong.

Whether you’re having an argument or a casual, fun conversation, you keep replaying it in your mind to see if you’ve said something wrong. You don’t want to get into any confrontations and make sure your words are constantly checked and looking for mistakes.

Feeling of strange anxiety you’re going through

It’s a dangerous thing to do because it can make you very weak on the inside. You have to tell yourself, it’s only anxiety that makes you do it.

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6. Always compare yourself to others.

You may be aware that comparing your accomplishments with others is both wrong and harmful. But, if you suffer from anxiety, you can’t help yourself.

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