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11 Personality Traits Of A Sigma Male That Sets Them Apart

From alpha to omega, there are six Ranks of the social sexual hierarchy. Sigma is one of them. You may not hear as much about sigma males as you hear about alpha males and beta males. But what is it about them that is understated but at the same time really attractive?

At one end of the spectrum are alpha males who are aggressive, confident, open, open and controlling, and love to lead a group. It is very easy to spot an alpha male from a mile away as they are very loud and aggressive and also flex their muscles so hard that they are hard to spot.

On the other end of the spectrum are betta males who are introverted, cooperative, submissive and like to follow instructions. You can also spot a Betta male very easily because they are very introverted, very submissive and mingle with the crowd.

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So, who exactly is Male Sigma?

Apart from the alpha males, and the beta males, there is another category, the sigma male.

A male sigma is someone who does not care about being a leader and does not care about being a follower. He’s not the loud or aggressive person trying to get everyone’s attention in the room nor is he shy and introverted who pretends not to be in the room.

Sigma men are people who are happy to be themselves and do their own thing and don’t care what other people think of them. They are very self-aware and comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to prove a point to anyone.

They are not moved by societal expectations and choose not to follow the herd. Interestingly, they do not need as many material comforts and possessions from society as other men. This is because they are always driven by their own internal drives and values.

A Sigma man is often a businessman or a traveling nomad who sets out on offbeat ventures because he is looking for adventure and knowledge more than material possessions or safety and security. He lives on the edge of a cliff, very independent and pursues his dreams and goals with unrelenting passion. This is one of the biggest reasons why they are also so attractive to women.

The recognition of Sigma males is gradually increasing, and it is not just about Alpha and Beta males anymore.

Here are 11 male sigma personality traits that distinguish them from each other

11 personality traits of a male sigma that distinguish them

1. He loves to fly alone and is very independent.

A male Sigma is mostly a lone wolf who loves to fly alone and likes, more than that, to do things his way without anyone else’s interference. He is never influenced by societal expectations or labels and is mostly driven by his own internal values ​​and goals.

He will never bow to anyone’s ideals, always prefers to follow his own and forge his own path. Sigmas don’t really care about being in a team or group, because they are quite comfortable doing their own thing, their own way.

2. He has a mysterious personality.

Most of the time, you’ll never know what a sigma man has in mind. They don’t want to stand out blatantly, they don’t want compatibility, which adds to the atmosphere of mystery around them. It is very difficult to spot it, which is why most people are attracted to it.

Their enigmatic personality is what makes them so attractive to most people.

3. He loves silence.

Male Sigma loves silence not because it is shy but because it is reflective and observant. He is a man of few words. He won’t speak something just to fill in the silence, or just to add to the conversation, for the sake of it. He will take the time to listen, analyze and think before speaking.

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