11 Best Shampoo and Conditioners for All Hair Types – Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

Whether you think of showering as a desirable time or just a necessary chore, we can all agree that the right hair products can make you feel like stepping out of a professional salon for only half the cost. But here’s the thing: There is no “best” shampoo and conditioner combo because there is no individual hair type. Our unique locks work the gradient gradient from curly to straight, from oily to dry, and from frizz to color treated (and hopefully won’t damage!). With all the cleaning and conditioning options available, finding the products to suit your specific needs can be challenging.

The right combination of shampoo and conditioner will target your hair type, help revitalize your tresses, and leave your tresses looking shiny. We consulted beauticians and stylists to find out how to keep hair healthy and what to consider when choosing products for each hair type. Then we found for you the top rated products based on their information.

Hair care wisdom for all ages

When it comes to treating your hair properly, what worked for you five years ago may not be what works for you now. “Hair changes every seven years – its texture, color and sometimes volume,” says the celebrity stylist. Bianca Heller. Some forever tips to protect your hair at any age, from Hillier: Always use a heat protectant when using heat (hair drying, straightening, etc.), UV/SPF if you’re outdoors, and always, use a bond builder to strengthen the hair’s inner skeleton .

Ryan TragstadLaura Dern and Kelly Ripa’s go-to for custom cuts and color, specifically suited to the needs of color-treated and graying hair. “Whether or not you color your hair, gray hair tends to be frizzier and drier, which makes a client feel like their hair is unmanageable. I often recommend using weekly hair treatments to help smooth out gray texture and add shine.”

So, if your glamorous hair has been looking a little tired lately, it’s time to clean out your shower tray and find a new cleanser and conditioner.

What to consider for each type of hair

according to Andre Walker Rating SystemThere are four main types of hair: straight, wavy, curly and wavy. Within these different types, there are many shades in between. Here’s what our experts say about the pitfalls of common hair types:

For fine / fine hair: “Keep in mind that you need something lightweight because you don’t want products that will weigh it down and make it look slimmer,” says Heller. Look for keywords like “condensation” on the bottle.

For wavy or curly hair: Hair stylist April Kayganich, which specializes in curly hair, says definition and product buildup are two of the most common complaints among its clients. “Hair with low porosity—which can be fine, medium, or coarse—has difficulty absorbing water which affects curl definition,” Kayganich says. “For this, I suggest using Hairstory New Wash (Rich) as it is great for opening the skin.” To address product buildup, she recommends ditching products that contain silicone and heavy oils.

For dry hair: People often think that dry hair needs products with protein and strength; However, dry hair needs moisture to help repair itself. “Intense hydration will help smooth out the epidermis and even get rid of some frizz,” Heller suggests. Co-washing products (conditioners that clean) provide this type of maximum hydration.

For oily hair: Oily scalp should not be confused with oily hair. Most likely, the scalp produces a lot of sebum, which leads to an excess of oil. “A cheap way to prevent too much oil is to cut back on shampooing, and trick your scalp into thinking it doesn’t need to produce the same amount of oil,” says Heller. Look for products that help you reduce the amount of brushing your hair.

For dyed hair: As a colorist, Trygstad’s goal has always been to keep his client’s hair healthy and vibrant. “With my brightly colored clients, I recommend it sulfate free shampoo, Which will not strip the color pigment from your hair, extending the life of your entire color. ”


overall better

Bond Maintenance No. 5 by Olaplex


Best brag

new original hair wash


Best budget joint laundry

Coconut Kwach


Best for curly hair

Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Pieces Set


Best in budget for coarse hair

Pantene gold chain


Best for files

Bread washing hair


Best for fine hair

OGX thick and full


Best for oily hair

OGX Charcoal Purifying Detox


Best for dandruff

Head & Shoulders Supreme Calming & Strengthening


Best economical choice for dyed hair



Ryan’s choice of dyed hair

Glitter color Shu Uemura

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