11 Best Blonde Actors to Give You Hair Inspiration (2022 List)

Finding a hairstyle that suits blonde hair can be difficult, especially for men. That’s why you can look up to blonde actors for guidance on how to rock a style with your light and bright hair.

You will have no more difficulties looking at how these blonde actors perform with their style and color.

You will see that these blonde representatives have styles that suit young, old, short-haired, and long-haired people.

There is a lot of variation, so you can quickly determine a style that works for you and work on creating it yourself.

Blond actors to inspire your new look

Check out the blonde reps below and see how diverse your options are. You will never run out of hairstyle ideas with these actors and their hairstyles to inspire you.

1. Owen Wilson’s Classic Shaggy Haircut

Owen Wilson’s hairstyle is classic at this point. He’s instantly recognizable as his personality, so your inspiration for your new look will be obvious.

It is medium length and very thick in dark blonde color, and there are many layers to give it a textured look. It’s a lush look that you’ll enjoy.

2. Ryan Gosling’s short, high-rise look

Ryan Gosling is a blonde actor that almost everyone, young and old, will recognize. And this short look is perfect if you want to be stylish without a haircut that requires a lot of grooming every day.

The hair is long enough to run your fingers through as it sits on spikes on top of the head, but the sides are very short and coarse.

3. Alexander Ludwig Shake and Slick Back

This is a modern and elegant style with an undercut where the sides of the head are shaved.

The hair on top is pulled off very nicely and has a hair product that makes it appear darker, giving it more definition and making it easier on the eye.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio’s soft and elegant look

This is a very simple and elegant look that DiCaprio is known for. The hair is soft with a nice wavy to it, but it’s all pulled back so neatly that not a single hair is out of place in the style.

6. Lee Francis Long Waves

If you have waves and prominent blonde hair, this is perfect. It’s a beautiful golden shade that doesn’t wash out because hair is left long, thick, and frizzy.

The golden mustache helps maintain the appearance of macho and very mature.

7. Brad Pitt’s Long Shaggy Look

Brad Pitt’s hair is very attractive to women, so it’s hair that many blonde men would like to consider.

The sandy blonde hair falls gently over the shoulder with some light waves and layers in it, a very casual and easy style.

8. Neil Patrick Harris Crop and How

Neil’s hair is nice and short with a short look even on the slightly thick sides, and a slight slickness reaches the peak at the front, creating a textured and playful look.

9. Zac Efron’s Platinum Quiff

If you prefer a larger strand, the Zefron Platinum Quiver may be closer to what you’re looking for. He stands tall and elegant along his hairline, and there is more messy hair towards his parting.

Its sides beautifully fade to a darker color. It is very modern, so younger men will enjoy wearing this style.

10. Ross Lynch’s Blond Beach Look

Ross Lynch’s boyish style might suit you if you have a beautiful blonde hair color.

The hair is long and piled up a little high on the top of the head, then some falls off the face while the rest is styled to be feathery at the neck.

13. Lucas Till Boyish Bangs

Lucas Till has a boyish haircut that suits younger men. There is a big, elegant sweep of bangs on one side of the forehead, and the rest of the hair is left soft and looking textured.

15. Austin Butler’s long, messy two-tone look

This look is long, messy and casual, which makes it masculine despite her great length. Fits a handsome tall and rugged face.

It’s great if there are two shades of blonde in your hair, as the lengths are a beautiful ash blonde, but the top of the hair is a darker sandy shade.

How did you like the hairstyles these blonde actors are rocking? You are sure to find your new look in this set.

There is someone out there to appeal to every taste and generation, and likewise, there are hairstyles to suit every style preference and personality type. Make sure to show off your new look to all your friends who might be a fan of these blonde actors and their amazing hairstyles.

You’ll make everyone jealous, thanks to your awesome look with your brand new style.

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