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10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy

I believe that everyone has the same light and darkness within them, empaths are those who emphasize the light within them and also believe in spreading it. If you possess these signs, you definitely have above average empathy.

Empaths feel and understand things no one else can do. They have this inexplicable gift that comes at a high cost and many negatives.

Empathy is the ability to feel emotions at a higher level and not only your own feelings but the feelings of others as well. Empaths are open minded people who are unable to make judgments. They are open to whatever energy comes their way.

10 signs that you have above average empathy

This often leads to problems I was talking about earlier. Due to their ability to feel emotions intensely and their welcoming nature, they often end up broken and hurt.

Your sympathy scores are above average:

10 signs that you have above average empathy

1. You don’t like a big crowd

The crowd is made up of many people with different energies, and a great deal of energy will be automatically captured by sympathy. He could only take it so much before it drained him completely.

2. You try to maintain balance instead of striving for success

Balance in life means more to you than success ever does. You find solace in balance and comfort as you walk the extra distance to reach it rather than leaving no stone unturned to achieve financial success.

Reaching the top of the ladder of success is not your ambition but achieving balance in your space and environment is your goal. You are not here to compete with anyone but to extend your hand and hope everyone succeeds.

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3. You don’t like cities

Like the crowd, you find cities emotionally and mentally exhausted. A place where everyone is running a race to reach what they have no idea.

Your ideal home is in some countryside or among the mountains, where you feel connected, free and comfortable. You like secluded areas, not crowded cities. You are always desperate to escape from the chaos of modem cities.

4. She loves personal relationships

In this busy and run-down world, not many people care about making connections but you do, because you are empathetic and believe in creating a one-to-one personal connection. Empaths value relationships and experiences more than material things.

5. Solitude is important

Empaths are deeply involved in the feelings of others and sometimes fail to distinguish between their own feelings and the feelings of others. Hence, they are left dry. Therefore, they seek solitude from time to time to escape from external stimulation and regain their energy. Time alone helps them reset their thoughts and feelings and restore their energy levels. They love being with people, but enough time alone is mandatory for them to relax and regain energy.

10 signs that you have above average empathy

6. You hate small talk

Small talk seems like a waste of time, you want to go deeper. “What’s up or how’s the weather” will never satisfy you. You want to talk about important or thought-provoking things, actually. Also, most empaths feel that others simply cannot relate to them. They are misunderstood as shy and indifferent or say they are lonely. But. This is not the truth. They have unique thinking skills and can only communicate with specific types of people.

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7. You are creative and need practice

People with high empathy also have higher creativity and need to practice it. They are always misunderstood by people so they indulge in artistic endeavors. Empaths thrive on art to express themselves.

They love art and this is the best form of entertainment for them. They love to express themselves through art, whether it’s poetry or painting, they have a heart for that. It keeps them balanced and comfortable.

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