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10 Psychology Tricks To Influence People

Before you start forming ideas by reading the word “tricks”, let me tell you that the methods discussed here are not wrong ways to influence people – don’t think they are related to the “dark arts”! All of these psychological tricks listed here are not harmful in any way and will not harm a person’s self-esteem.

These are just some great psychological tricks to win people over through positive influence, not by hurting someone or being an idiot! So, how does it affect people? How do you win friends and influence people? Let’s find out, shall we Arabs?

10 Cool Psychology Tricks to Influence People

10. Get service

Powerful Psychology Tricks You Can Use To Influence People

The trick: get the person you want to win over to do you a favor – this is called the Benjamin Franklin effect.

As the story goes, Benjamin Franklin intended to befriend a man he did not like. The man asked if he could borrow a rare book and when he agreed to loan the book to Franklin, he offered his sincere thanks. After that, the person who had never wanted to talk to Franklin formed a friendship with him.

According to Benjamin Franklin, a person who has done a nice deed for you once will be more willing to do it again, than someone who has been committed to you in some way.

The researchers decided to put this theory to the test. Scientists discovered that a researcher who asked for a personal favor from people was rated favorably by them compared to other groups of people.

Although it seems illogical, it is a well-established theory. When someone helps you, they consider you a person worthy of doing a favor and conclude that you are loved.

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9. Make your goal higher than your real goal

Powerful Psychology Tricks You Can Use To Influence People

The trick: On your first try, ask for a lot more than you actually want, and cut back on it next time.

Known as the door-in-the-face (DITF) technique, it is a psychological trick to influence working people by making a ridiculous and impossible request on your first attempt, which the person being asked will obviously refuse. Then after a while, you apply again, this time more meaningful, basically asking about the thing you actually want.

This trick may seem counter-intuitive, but the way this works in your favor is that the person requested most likely feels bad that they had to decline your first request, even though it was impossible to keep; So the next time you ask for something that can be done, they feel compelled to help you.

The scientists found that this trick worked well in getting the same person who asked for the service both times. The person who refused to consent to the greater service feels obligated to consent to the smaller service only when the next person who refused him approaches them.

8. Use their names

Powerful Psychology Tricks You Can Use To Influence People

The trick: Use a person’s name, or a specific address, as the case may be.

According to author Dale Carnegie, best known for his book How to win friends and influence peopleUsing the name of the person you want to earn is crucial. It shows that a person’s name is his/her best word in any language.

Our names are the main part of who we are, and hearing them out loud confirms our identity. Hence, we are more likely to have positive feelings towards the person who confirmed our existence.

According to the As If principle, the use of a particular title or title can have a strong influence on the person in question. The idea behind the As If principle is that by constantly acting as a certain type of person, you eventually become that person.

Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy – where you expect something and it comes true just because you think it will fit and your behavior is in line with what you want.

This principle can be used to influence others as well. When you start referring to someone by a certain name, over time, they begin to think of themselves as such.

Simple applications of this principle include addressing an acquaintance with whom you would like to be more friendly as a “friend” whenever you interact with or contact someone you wish to work as a “boss.” However, be careful as this approach can be very cheesy.

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