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10 Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect

Are you looking for books to boost your brain?
Here are 10 books you should read. Favorite reads over the past year.
written by: Todd B Cashdan, Ph.D.

There is a base in my house. If anyone wanted to read a book, for whatever reason, I would buy it. Society has this misconception that education ends after obtaining a formal professional degree. It’s absurd. There is no end point to mastering the human psyche.

You don’t get public recognition to understand why you’re yelling at someone questioning your morals. You don’t get a bun to untie a knot in a friendship, just to cherish and enjoy each other’s company again. Maybe you should.

Books and talking about them are one of the best ways to continually increase your intelligence and wisdom. If those lofty goals aren’t interesting, lose yourself in a flow for hours. Charge your batteries. Appreciate exotic landscapes. She falls in love with the characters and safely wrestles with their foreign perspectives.

10 books to thicken your mind

Unlike prominent magazines and newspapers, I do not provide a year-end list of books published in 2019. I take recommendations seriously for my attention to publication dates. I will detail the best books I have read over the past 12 months. This list is part of over 60 books I’ve read. The title is a hyperlink to purchase each book, so you can immediately begin your emotional journey or intellectual journey. I bet my reputation on these choices. Enjoy!

For those who appreciate melancholy. No sadness or depression, but sadness. The state of being when some desirable trait of life is as elusive as every human being. Friendship is no longer suitable. Nostalgia for silly conversations for young people. Being forgiven for a cruel act is only a reminder of the shadow side you’d rather forget.

This is sad but beautiful. In melancholy, your senses are finely tuned. you are alive. This is a short collection of 10 stories that capture the full depth of trying, failing, and succeeding in relationships, only to repeat the cycle all over again. I hesitate to give the story of any of them. But here are some of the passages I confirmed:

He made his hands into his fists and pressed them under his eyes, the way Joey Makepeace said you could do. You put my fist on your cheek and you press there. It was a way to be brave.

What he was offered was a place on the sidelines, a chance to play in something that was not quite his own: like an ordinary unmarried girl who asked to carry the train of her younger sister’s wedding dress … The idea of ​​this role always saddened him, but when he returned home it seemed that perhaps it would be enough For he may eventually be able to supplement his solitary pleasures with indirect and borrowed ones…

If you really want to feel, choose this series.

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You don’t understand enough why you act the way you do. Why would you be happy to see someone outcast at a party, grateful it’s not you? Why you can’t stand the long silence at meals. Why are you so excited about any sexual opportunity? Why do you feel compelled to tell jokes in group situations when deeper conversations are more satisfying.

And you don’t know much about others and their aggressiveness, obsessions, envy, meticulous management, and desire to appear like a saint (while often fighting to resist a reservoir of cravings and cravings). This is a 586-page treatise that looks under the facade of what people are trying to be and into the deep and dark role-playing games that are being played. I can’t say this enough – the ideas are well worth the effort. This is one of my many binaural interruptions:

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